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DfM and DfA Fundamentals that Decrease Holds and Lower The Cost of Manufacturing


Mark J. Hughes and Elijah Gracia
Royal Circuit Solutions

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Engineers are often only peripherally aware of the PCB fabrication and assembly process, and often make design decisions that increase cost and turn-time or decrease reliability. This presentation provides a manufacturer’s perspective of design decisions that result in holds and cost increases using examples from the past 15 years in the industry. By gaining a better understanding of how manufacture and assembly processes work, engineers will be able to design printed circuit boards that cost less and have greater longevity than their current designs.

This presentation will be split into two parts: First, we will briefly cover all phases of the manufacturing process as we follow a board from digital submission to customer delivery. Second, we will look at multiple examples of actual customer submissions and analyze them for design decisions that result in unnecessary cost increases or unnecessary holds. The presentation will conclude with a 15-minute question and answer session that allows engineers to ask questions about their designs.

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Fumiyasu Ohbuchi
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With an estimated 80,000 SMTP lines in use standards are a lifeline for line operators and equipment and software developers worldwide. SEMI is developing a suite of standards for SMT and PCBA...

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