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Place and Route for Dense High-Speed and RF Circuits


Michael R. Creeden
CID+, Insulectro

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This presentation will offer a complete view of place-and-route for dense high-speed and RF circuits. We will cover a wide range of topics, including next-generation materials, the rational for considering HDI for our products, and overall layout flow. We will discuss the technological challenges we face in both the schematic circuit rules capture, design layout and manufacturing process. Students will learn what it takes to satisfy solvability, high-speed concerns, and RF performance issues, while building a board that will be cost-effective as a reliable high-yield product. We will also review how our early integration with the manufacturing team during the design cycle will help us understand the specifics to build a product that is correct-by-construction and performs on revision-1. The focus will be on practical application and implementation using real-world examples.

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Fumiyasu Ohbuchi
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With an estimated 80,000 SMTP lines in use standards are a lifeline for line operators and equipment and software developers worldwide. SEMI is developing a suite of standards for SMT and PCBA...

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