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The New SEMI SMT-ELS Standards Suite for SMT and PCBA Lines


Fumiyasu Ohbuchi

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With an estimated 80,000 SMTP lines in use standards are a lifeline for line operators and equipment and software developers worldwide. SEMI is developing a suite of standards for SMT and PCBA assembly lines. The new SMT Equipment Link Standards (SEMI SMT-ELS) or SEMI A1, A1.1 and A2 address Horizontal Communication (HC) between different equipment on the line and Vertical Communication (VC) between equipment and higher-tier hosts, including, for example, a line controller/equipment host or a factory automation host. SEMI is well-known for its SECS/GEM/EDA standards, which are almost universally adopted in the front-end processing fabs where frequent job changes and recipe changes are common. The SMT-ELS suite adjusts to the specific needs of SMT lines, including more operator interaction, minimal data collection requirements, material metadata handoffs between equipment, and minimal queuing. This presentation goes into detail on the design and features of SMT-ELS, including set up time and configurations.

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Rick Hartley
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RHartley Enterprises
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