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An Intuitive Approach to Understanding Basic High-Speed Layout


Keven Coates,
Geospace Technologies

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What is a wire? At high speeds, it behaves very differently from what we were taught in college. This presentation on high-speed basics makes the subject intuitive in a way that’s easily understood. Learn about how frequency enters the picture, high-speed signal propagation, impedance, noise, and reflections with easy-to-understand animations and analogies to understand this subject on a deeper level.

Speaker  :  
Rick Hartley
Company : 
RHartley Enterprises
Power distribution in PCBs is the foundation around which all things work in the circuit. If this is not designed correctly, the entire circuit is at risk from noise and signal integrity issues, to...
Speaker  :  
Daniel Beeker
Company : 
NXP Semiconductor
Tired of failing EMC certification over and over? Join the crowd. Shrinking IC geometries and a resulting increase in switching speeds make designing compliant printed circuit boards more...
With the advent of ICs with multiple power rails at very high currents, the design of the power delivery system in a modern product is often more difficult than routing the PCB to ensure good signal...

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