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Reverse Engineering PCBs: How to Recreate a Lost Design


Ethan Pierce
Pierce Design

 3min 16sec

Maintaining a product is very difficult when:

  • The source files aren’t available
  • Only Gerber files and maintenance documents are available
  • Making a revision to a company-owned product with no source files.

This webinar presents a skillset to technicians, designers and engineers that leverages assembled PCBs without design data to be recovered and recreated. Often, end-of-life or existing systems have design data that are lost, abandoned or of unknown origin, a rising concern among teams building or maintaining these systems. Using a set of software- and hardware-agnostic processes, this course analyzes a design of unknown origin and recreates that design with a set of commonly available tools. Once equipped with this skillset, attendees will have the knowledge to recreate and recover lost or unavailable design data on current and future projects.

The course will introduce:

  • Basic reverse-engineering techniques with benchtop test equipment
  • Reworking and testing techniques
  • Identifying PCB structures
  • Identifying components
  • Using photography and image manipulation tools
  • Migrating the design into a generic ECAD tool.

Who should attend: PCB Designer/Design Engineer, System Designer, Hardware Engineer

Target audience: Beginner, Intermediate


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