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Fabrication Processes

Speaker  :  
Robert Carter
Company : 
Oak-Mitsui Technologies
Large data transmission continues to increase annually due to live video streaming, cloud storage, PDA usage, IOT, and other technologies. Electronic devices are getting smaller yet required to...
Speaker  :  
Michael R. Creeden
Company : 
CID+, Insulectro
With this presentation, attendees will learn how materials matter in the 5G-world. From rigid laminates, copper styles and properties, flex materials, sintered paste OrMet for any-layer vias: all...
This comprehensive seminar of how to design a PCB stackup to optimize performance while attaining the lowest cost possible. With the advent of very high-speed signaling along with multiple very...
Speaker  :  
Daniel J. Smith
Company : 
Raytheon SAS
Skill Level : 
This half-day course is an overview (past, present, and future) of the interactions of processes, people and technologies involved in the complete lifecycle of a PCB design. This course is designed...
Speaker  :  
Vern Solberg
Company : 
Solberg Technical Consulting
Topics covered: 1. BGA/CSP process technologies and standards; single die BGA and FBGA packaging, flip-chip and die-size package technologies, wafer level packaging (WLP), fan-out wafer-level...
Speaker  :  
Bill Hargin
Company : 
The objective of this tutorial is to guide design teams through the process of evaluating and selecting the right laminate for a design, creating PCB stackups that meet the requirements of complex,...
Speaker  :  
Paul Cooke
Company : 
AGC-Nelco Taconic
This course will address advanced problem solving of printed wiring board defects. Some defects, such as interconnect separation, delamination, wedge voids, plating folds, micro-voids, surface...
With the advent of ICs with multiple power rails at very high currents, the design of the power delivery system in a modern product is often more difficult than routing the PCB to ensure good signal...

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