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IoT PC Board Design and Layout


Rick Hartley
RHartley Enterprises

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Circuit boards for the IoT world (Internet of Things) are often driven by the need for low power dissipation, low cost (which drives very low layer count), moderate to high-density and mixed-signal applications. This combination of needs can make board design an extreme challenge. Creating a 1-, 2- or 4-layer board, with excellent signal integrity and low noise/interference and no EMI issues can, by itself, be a very serious challenge. This 3.5-hour course will discuss how to understand when it is necessary to control impedance of lines, how to do it cost-effectively, proper setup of routed lines to keep circuit energy from spreading (preventing interference), even on a one layer board, design of antenna into the PCB, circuit grounding in low layer count boards, power distribution without the benefit of power planes, ground bounce, cross talk with low layer count and design to optimize manufacturability of low layer count PCBs.

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