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Mechanical Design to Control EMI


Rick Hartley
RHartley Enterprises

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As most engineers and designers are aware, EMI occurs because some mechanical structure, within or attached to our system, is capable of resonating and radiating electromagnetic field energy. Those mechanical structures can be a cable attached to the housing around our circuit boards, a part of the metal chassis, a slot in the chassis or a portion of one of the circuit boards in the system. Knowing how to control these structures so they are not capable of supporting resonance and radiation is the key to success.

This two-hour course will discuss basic physics of energy movement, metal vs. plastic enclosures, slots and openings in enclosures, shielding enclosures, shielding of components, proper shielding of cables, basic component placement for MEs, extreme importance of I/O connector placement, routing of external cables, position of cables inside the system, multiple boards in the system — best arrangement, using chassis as a heatsink, other items MEs and PCB designers need to know about PCBs and the system.

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